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Jessica Nowell Senior Interactive Designer/Art Director
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Applications:   Flash MX 2004, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Swift 3D, Discreet Cleaner, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, ImageReady, Director, PowerPoint, QuarkXPress, PageMaker, InDesign, DreamWeaver, BBedit, Homesite, Perforce, CVS, Audience, Encore, After Effects, etc.
Languages:   HTML, DHTML, CSS, JSP, SSI, JavaScript, PHP, & Perl
Platforms:   Mac, Windows, & Unix
8/04-3/05  Deutsche Bank - Web & Multimedia Design Consultant
  •  Designed Internet and Intranet web sites for a variety of Deutsche Bank divisions using DHTML, JSP and PHP
  •  Provided information architecture and UI design for websites while maintaining Deutsche Bank branding guidelines
  •  Architected design for plasma system integrating accessibility issues, effective marketing, and technical consideration of hardware to reduce/prevent plasma burn-in.
  •  Designed and maintained environmental displays visible to external guests and employees utilizing Matrox Infonet and video software
  •  Coordinated with AV, IT and technology staff to identify and develop solutions for technical issues related to the Matrox system, including plasma units, servers and encoding software and stations
  •  Created and encoded Flash and video content for web sites, corporate events, and environmental displays
  •  Manage relationships with Matrox system and video vendors
  •  Worked with various Deutsche Bank departments to keep internal advertising and announcement content up-to-date and relevant to the corporate audience on web sites and Matrox display system.
  •  Provided technical expertise and representation at client meetings to develop technical design mockups for internal projects
  •  Managed relationships with Matrox system and video vendors
  •  Created presentation graphics, animations and PowerPoint presentations for corporate conferences and events
  • 1/03-5/04   DinnerBroker - UI & Brand Manager
  •  Designed interfaces for new and revised DinnerBroker application features for both consumer and enterprise versions
  •  Revised and maintenance of all DinnerBroker web pages in DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, modPerl , and embPerl
  •  On-call as part of a two person IT department to respond to server/system failures
  •  On-call as part of a two person IT department to respond to server/system failures
  •  Day to day management of 3rd party database vendors to monitor site stability
  •  Managed of $90K yearly printing budget as well as quality control and vendor oversight
  •  Created and implemented long-term plan and processes for converting entire web-based application from legacy embedded Perl to PHP to improve speed and increase system flexibility
  •  Documented security and IT processes and devised and implemented additional measures to meet requirements for VISA security audit and disaster recovery needs
  •  Worked with marketing team to create consistent branding for online and print to increase customer conversion/retention
  •  Converted all sites to CSS to improve look and feel, as well as partner co-branding flexibility
  • 3/01-3/02   NextCard Corporation - Senior Visual Designer
  •  Responsible for UI design and re-architecture of entire customer service site (, the corporate site, and other corporate web applications
  •  Worked extensively with engineering, both internally and externally, and Project Management team to form a cohesive system design for overhaul of the customer service site
  •  Designed marketing, partner and affiliate sites
  •  Created structure documentation, including site flow charts, site maps, and use cases
  •  Responsible for UI analysis of web entities for improved ease of use and customer conversion/retention
  •  Collaborated with team to build corporate brand and cohesive corporate messaging across sites and marketing materials
    6/00-2/01   Driveway Corp. - User Interface Architect
  •  Managed the evolution of the Driveway corporate, consumer, and PLS sites' interface
  •  Created UI for B2C and B2B version of file storage application
  •  Tested User Interface and functionality design
  •  Responsible for creating documentation relating to branding, site structure, and UI testing
  •  Lead Web designer for Marketing and Business Development
  •  Worked with Content Manager to integrate branding and content among corporate entities
  •  Managed out-sourced contract projects
  •  Created corporate branding and style guide
  • 12/98-6/00   Looksmart Ltd. - Web Designer for Business Development
  •  Designer for syndicated products - including search functionality and co-branded portals for over 250 ISPs and Biz Dev partners such as USWest, Macromedia, AT&T, Entertaindom, Third Age, MSN, etc.
  •  Designed the template portal solution for all LS partners with less than 20,000 subscribers (Portalmaker)
  •  Lead designer for products such as, ISP Locator (and coding), Portalmaker (and coding), Horoscopes, and Express Site Submit
  •  Designer for international products such as LookSmart Netherlands, Canada, UK, Japan, Spain, Brazil, etc. and partner co-brands of same
  •  Managed and trained other Business Devlopment designers, as well as contract coders and designers when necessary
  •  Worked closely with lead UI designer to improve current search experience for both and pages served to partners


    Cubic B's Production - Contract Web Designer and Developer
  • Design and coding for end client companies such as Danksin & Jeffco Furniture
  • LeapFrog Enterprises - Contract Designer and UI Consultant

  •  Re-design of corporate site for branding and UI improvements
  •  Creation of print files for Winter 2002 catalog
  •  Design and coding of ad banners and splashes for marketing campaigns
  • Rain or Shine Productions - Contract Designer and Web Developer

  •  Development of brand and print collateral for company and festivals
  •  Design and coding for wine and art festival promotion web site
  • Rising Stars Enterprises - Contract Designer and UI Consultant

  •  UI consultation for current corporate site and development of logo for web and collateral
  •  Illustrations for corporate and client sites and marketing material
  •  Design / Re-design of celebrity client websites
  • Thomas Institute of Massage - Contract Web Developer

  •  Art Directed another designer to create site architecture and feel
  •  Coding of site to functionality specifications
  • - Contract Web Designer and Developer

  •  Re-design of current site and development of branding to support development of e-commerce business
  •  Creation of online store
  • Beck Interactive - Contract UI Designer

  •  Developed branding guidelines, site architecture, and UI for clients including Namco and
  •  Front end web design to support client branding efforts and business goals
  •  Concepts and storyboard creation for Pac Man Fever game promo flash site
  • Legacy Arts - Contract Web Designer and Developer

  •  Design and coding for cultural crafts site for children
  •  Building community concept and backend for web site
  •  Web instruction for staff so they can maintain the site on a daily basis
  • Polyvision - Contract Web Designer and Developer

  •  Designed Web photo album-style interface for new business product
  •  Coded Web pages for integration with Polyvision’s software for the Webster product
  •  Branding for new whiteboard/camera product (Webster)
  • SFSU, Ca. Studies Dept. - Contract Web Designer and Developer

  •  Designed and coded demo site for a California interactive online encyclopedia
  •  Coordinated with university team for grant proposal to the California Council for the Humanities
  •  Building out “community” concept for web site and coding back end support structure as needed
  • Disappearing, Inc. - Contract Web Designer and Developer

  •  Designed site and created the interface for free web version of encrypted email product
  •  Coded site using Java server-side generated format with templates (THTML)
  •  Created branding for corporate entity and email security product
  • Optimal Investments - Contract Web Designer and Developer

  •  Designed realty and construction site for English and Russian versions
  •  Coded English version of site and worked closely with Russian coder to ensure consistency and optimization
  • Centre for World Dialogue - Contract Web Designer and Developer

  •  Site design and HTML/Javascript/Perl coding for organization and conferences
  •  On-going site maintenance along with listserve administration
  • Education:   Bachelor of Arts degree from Oberlin College, 1997
      Major - Studio Art
      Minor - Computer Science
        References available upon request